1.  How long does it take to make a garment?

A lot of time goes into the production and development of a Meiji Designs product, our turnaround time is takes 2 weeks from order finalisation. If you have a more urgent requirement, please still contact us.

2. How are they made?

All our products are hand crafted from start to finish at our studio in York. Starting with a roll of white silk, we will either hand dye or hand print the silk and add the devoré detail, it will then be stitched, packaged and sent out to you.

3. Can you recreate designs?

Due to the nature of our products we cannot recreate designs, thus meaning every Meiji Designs product is a one of kind and unique to it’s owner. We can however, adapt and recreate similar colour combinations and patterns.

4. Can you make multiple of the same products, e.g. matching sets for weddings?

Even though we cannot make the exact same product twice, if we dye print a set at the same time, it will enable us to we create a set of (almost) matching products- such as a set of pocket squares for a grooms party, or a matching his and hers set for the races for example.

5. Do you only make scarves and pocket squares?

At present, we do only specialise in scarves and pocket squares. However, we are currently in the development stages of creating ladies Kimonos and will be looking to bring out a range of men’s ties & bow ties in the near future. Saying this, we are open to all enquiries so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something specific in mind.


1. What fabric do you use? 

The main fabric we use is a silk viscose blend, this is so we can add devoré detail that cannot be used on 100% silk. We are able to create designs with 100% silk, just without the devoré detail.

2. What is Devoré detail?

Devoré, also known as ‘burn out’, is a technique where a mixed-fibre material undergoes a chemical process to dissolve the cellulose fibres (the top layer of the fabric) to create a semi-transparent pattern.

3. What sizes do the products come in? 

You can choose the size of your product, the only restriction is the width (e.g. 54″ for silk viscose). We are more than happy to advise on product sizes, please specify in your enquiry.

4. What is the difference between hand dyed and hand printed?

We use a range of dyeing techniques inspired by Japanese shibori for the hand dyed products. This can include folding, twisting and scrunching the fabric before dyes are applied and left to process. For the screen printed products we apply the dye to silk screens and leave to process before pulling through onto the silk with a squeegee.

Postage & Packaging

1.  How are they dispatched?

We currently use Royal Mail special delivery to transport our products. This means it will reach you the next day and will need to be signed for.

2. Can you ship over seas?

Yes we can ship overseas.

3. How are they packaged?

All products will come packaged in a Meiji Designs gift box as seen in the gallery.

Cancelations & Returns

1.  Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit when you finalise your order.

2. What happens if I want to cancel my order?

You may be at risk of losing your deposit if you cancel your order throughout the process, depending on what stage we are at.

3. Can I return my product?

We can only accept returns if your product is faulty.

If you have any queries which haven’t been answered above, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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